If arriving at Medan airport ( Kualanamu ), you can get a shared taxi for rp 100,000 per person, Or if you wanted one taxi for yourself this will be rp 600,000 – rp 700,000 ( high season ), We can arrange a taxi for you, but shared taxi you have to get yourself when you arrive at the Airport, this is very easy to find. On your return Lake Toba to the Airport, or Brastagi or Bukit Lawang, Bukittinggi, we can arrange taxi for you, please ask at reception.

When you arrive in Lake Toba ( Prapat ), ask to be dropped at Tiga Raja Harbour, you then get the Tuk Tuk boat to BagusBay, (ask to be dropped at Bagus Bay) rp 15,000 per person, boat ticket. These boats go every hour , the last one at 7pm. If you arrive too late for this boat you can get a boat to Tomok and we can come and get you ( this is 5kms from Bagus Bay 0 , but you will need to telephone us on 0625451287, so we know you are on the Tomok boat. There is also a car Ferry Leaves from Prapat at Ajibata Harbour ) , the last one leaving at 9pm, this also goes to Tomok.

When you arrive in Prapat there may be guides from other guest houses trying to get you to stay at their guest house, don’t believe them if they say BagusBay is full or some other story.